McCarter & English's Nominated to Top 50

McCarter & English's Nominated to Top 50

This humble blog has been nominated by LexisNexis for the first ever Top 50 Environmental Law & Climate Change Blogs.  LexisNexis is seeking input and comments from the online community with regard to the Top 50 list.   Please check out the blog, forward to friends/contacts, and send comments to LexisNexis, particularly comments in support of the blog, which was developed before many competitor firms even began to consider climate change and renewable energy issues.   
Details and How YOU can Help:
In an email statement to us, Karen C. Yotis,  LexisNexis ELCCC Manager noted: "For the first time, the LexisNexis Environmental Law & Climate Change Community is honoring a select group of blogs that set the online standard for our practice area."  As some of you may know, we initiated the blog,, in 2008, in the vanguard of those addressing climate issues in the legal profession. We have focused on not just being a news blog, but instead try to incorporate analysis in everything we post. We like to think that we are succeeding as our readership is consistently growing. The blog is dedicated to the discussion of legal, public policy, and business risk questions presented by climate change and renewable energy initiatives.

To show your support of, please click here (you will have to register a free account before commenting). The deadline for comments is February 28.

We do not know the parameters that LexisNexis will use to judge or categorize Environmental Law & Climate Change blogs.  Be that as it may, if you have positive comments about our writing, we would be grateful if you would let the folks at LexisNexis know. Thanks.

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The business case for the development of renewable energy projects, from biodiesel and ethanol to wind, solar, and distributed generation, is more compelling than ever as tax and regulatory incentives combine to attract investments. Emerging issues in environmental law and increasingly recognized principles of corporate social responsibility are encouraging public companies to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions, install clean energy alternatives, and invest overseas in projects under the Kyoto Protocol to respond to climate change concerns.

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